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    M1T - "bad" oral only cycle or "good" test only cycle???

    We hear all the time that oral only cycles are a bad idea, ie dianabol or anadrol and many bros recommend test only cycles especially for novices. My question is since m1t is both oral and test is it still fine for a single steroid cycle? personally I love this stuff!!

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    If someone says that you shouldn't do M1T as an oral only cycle, what else are you going to take with it that isn't oral?? If you're talking about over the counter suppliments anyway. You're really comparing apples to oranges.

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    M1T is the closest thing to putting real Test in a pill form as your gonna get. It has many of the same characteristics of real test, including the lethargy. It isnt however the same thing. I wouldnt advise to stacking it with another oral, however many people on here suggest it. If you can handle the sides by itself, stick to that. The gains you get, you'll pretty much keep if pct is correct.

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    I never ever got lethargic on test...but M1T made feel like I was going through chemotherapy...beyond tired.

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    It's nothing like test, its 1-Test with 17aa attached. 1-Test and Test are nothing alike both in gains or sides. M-1-T is probably more closely compared to tren albeit weaker, although mg for mg it is more potent than tren. If your going to stack something with M-1-T, stack it with real Test or if you're staying on the legal side, 4-AD(just make the 4-AD a transdermal or injectable, orally it sucks). Because 1-Test shuts you down so hard, having something that converts to test or using real test can help avoid a lot of the "sides" issues that just running M-1-T by itself brings on.

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    M1t by its self usually isnt good since the sides suck.. stack it with 4-ad and you will be fine

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    beatin it up...
    I still say save your money and just eat good foods like a horse...

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    im running 20mg of m1t with my cycle...

    weeks 1-2 M1T @ 20mg/ed
    weeks 1-10 Test Enan @ 500mg/week
    weeks 1-10 EQ @ 350mg/week

    its only been 4 days since im on the M1T so, the only thing i have seen are the pumps while i have been working out, I wanted to take some DBOL I might do it after the 2 weeks of M1T and run 2-4 weeks of DBOL @ 35mg/ed...

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    LM1332 Guest
    took m1t on its own havent notice any sides gained 9 pounds in a week but i had to stop it short got sick and went on anti-biotics to make story short side effect depend on the person now if you dont wanna take it oraly you can always buy the injectable version

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    oral only cycle - anavar and creatine would be the best choice.

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