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Thread: Colostrum...

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    Question Colostrum...

    Hey whats going on guys and gals,

    I just got a bottle of colostrum and i've been taking 2880 mg a day. I was just wondering if thats enough??? i wanna put on some size, o please give a brother a hand!!!! oh ya im 19 i weigh 225 pounds. looking to put on some more mass.. thanks

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    Colostrum is supposed to have some promise, or so I've read, but it ain't no bottle of T200.

    Just keep calories up, and you will grow. Good luck bro.

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    I read a review of Colostrum;
    1) too expensive
    2) the intake must be high as a kite before u can see results

    The writers´ advice was; buy some other stuff instead, like protein, creatine & glutamine for your money.

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