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    Question which of thes products is best

    Hi, i need to loose a stone of fat and can get hold of these supplements which ive heard all are good, vote on which gives the best results XENEDRINE, XENICAL or E,C,A or any other readily available supplements not mentioned.
    I also heard clenbuterol and cytomel can be effective but have bad side effects, i can get these but would prefer to try one of the others listed above first.

    Also i am using creatine by the german manufacturer reflex, its popular and claims to be one of the best but does anyone know of a better creatine?


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    Here is the best thing that you can do to loose your stone of fat.

    Monitor what you eat
    cut out junk food
    eat small meals every 2-3 hours
    eat 1.5grams of protein per pound of lean body mass
    eat low GI carbs like oats and yams
    take flax and fish oils
    research Post workout Nutrition.
    remember that there is not miracle supplement legal or otherwise including roids and T3 that will make up for a poor diet..

    This is all i will say.

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