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    any one know if this is safe

    is it safe to take ephedrine free hydroxycut while taking taraxatone

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    well first you are going to find that many here dont think much of ephedrine free fatburners....leaving that aside you should know that taraxatone is a temporary supplement used to lose 5-8lbs of water weight for a pre contest type of event. it is NOT meant to be used long term and the only reason you drop the weight is because it gets rid of WATER. that being said most fat burners are also diuretics like tarax therefore you're double stacking and this cant be healthy.

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    I agree w/ bigsd67,
    Taraxatone is only going to help decrease water for a few days, then you will swell back up unless you decide that you aren't going to drink liquids anymore, which of course will kill you. Also, without eph., fat burners imo are useless and they don't do anything but speed you up and give you a headache. be careful homey.

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