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    Beneftis of Udo oil vs Flax?

    I recently bought Udo's oil because everyone recommended it...I always thought it was because Flax is omega 3 while Udos is Omega 3-6-9 balanced...But then I looked at the Flax oil label and it has a similar proportion to Udo's, roughly 2:1:1. Only benefit I can see to Udos is that it is a combination of oils, while Flax is just flax...Enlight me....

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    Udo's is more complete, as the oils come from different sources. But I go with flax because it's lighter on my wallet. If you dont mind shelling out bucks for a slightly better product, go with Udo's. I am thinking of buying udo's online as i have seen it pretty cheap, but until then I'm going to use flax.

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