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    Weight gainer as a PWO drink?

    Since I am trying to bulk up, would you guys recommend a weightgainer supplement in place of my standard dex/whey combination for my PWO drink? This weightgainer would be a serious useful in achieving my daily bulking calories, im only hesitant when it comes to my non workout days when im trying to keep my carbs at a minimum. Profile of the weight gainer is:

    1640 CAL per serving, fat 11g, protein 88, carb 311, sugars 132.

    Quite a lot so I plan to take a third of a serving= 546 cal, 29 p, 103 carb, 3.6 fat for my pwo and take half a serving for in between meals OR should i just take good old fashioned whey and just have more servings and use that as a weight gainer? With so many products out in the market im seriously confused.

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    Just my opinion man, but, I think guys are always lookin for an easier way to get the calories in.......the fact is, eating heavy when youre liftin heavy can really bite sometimes. but its what we learn to do, there is no subsitution for quality solid food. (well, instead of post workout) it sucks so much at times, is why we reach for the protein jug instead of throwin that chicken breast on the grill six times a day with that cold brown rice and a little flax oil. When eating every three hours.....if you dont plan your meals in some way the day before you can certainly get yourself into trouble, and this is why supplements help . high calorie weightgainers have their time and place but i dont think all that sugar is good for you , tells your body to store the fat and burn the muscle !!! save em for post workout..........

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