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    Exclamation help me please help me

    i live in canada and our stupid laws dont allow us to be able to buy prohormones here. does anyone have a pheasable solution that could help me get some up here, or am i going to have to buy juice(btw im only 18 and i dont wana juice yet, so p.h's are a possible solution) know what i mean??

    any help is greatly appreciated

    (i need prohormones)

    thank you, goodbye

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    Feb 2004
    I live in canada as well just go to your local bodybuilding store and ask the guy if hes got......(whatever your looking for). Bodybuilding stores in canada have prohormones they just dont let the public see them they keep them under the counter.

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    Don't buy prohormones. For them to be effective u need to take a dose that is large enough to shut u down worse than straight AS

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    you definitely dont need pro hormones because they more or less SUCK. i have taken just about every number AD and have seen no real results...i think it was a placebo effect because as of now i have been all natural just using protein and flax oil supplements and am stronger and leaner than ever before in my life.

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