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    1-TU....Please Help

    I know that most people say to run 1-AD with 4-AD, but if I use 1-TU do I have to use 4-AD with that to????/?

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    1-AD converts to 1-Testosterone (which 1-TU is).

    It is generally recommended you stack 1-AD or 1-Test with 4-AD becuase it combats the sides, like lethargy and limp dick.

    Make sure you do proper PCT.

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    let em know of your results and stats before and after.. im thinking of doingf the same thing(1 tu)
    train hard live long

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    whats a good pct to do with 1ad and 4ad

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    LM1332 Guest
    i think 6oxo would be good but why bother when you get nolva for cheaper and it works better

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