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    Yohimbine HCL questions and some homemade Thermo questions

    Doing some research on it...Seems like a good addition to a homemade thermogenic...

    However it says to take 2.5 mg per 11 lb of body mass....For me at 185 that equates to 15 mg or so..Do i take that all at once, 6 2.5 mg pills, or over the course of the day...

    I also hear that taking Asprin before workouts inhibits growth, stick to ECY they say, some norephedrine or is it synephedrine?, if you can get it too...Comments
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    Buy the yohimbine by the gram and put it into solution with everclear.
    It will be cheaper and you will get a ton more.
    Any anti-inflamatory with hurt protein synthesis.
    But I had used advil and made gains before I found out about it, so I wouldn't go as far as to say it inhibits.
    I've only seen the studies on advil. Supposedly a gram of it will stop protein synthesis.

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    oral yohimbine tolerance varies considerably. it has a short half life and wide oral bioavailability .. so lower more frequent dosing is advisable

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