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    what sort of protein drink should you drink all the time pure whey?

    should you take a different shake when your bulking than cutting?i have always took whey.

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    when i bulk i try to get my protein natural from foods like chicken and eggs to rake up those calories, when i cut, i always go with whey

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    The best protein comes from animal sources.

    It's been determined that the two most complete sources of protein are:

    #1: wild salmon (expensive)
    #2: eggs (cheap)

    After this comes red meats and poultry.

    Vegan sources of protein are never as complete as animal sources. Any company or individual who says otherwise is lying or misinformed.

    The body has no storage mechanism for protein and can only make use of so much at one time, the rest being excreted or broken down. So, split up your protein and take it every three hours throughout the day.

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    Its always best to get your protein from whole foods and additional supplemetation from whey proteins. Fish, eggs, turkey/chicken breasts and lean cuts of meat are rich in high-quality proteins. Get at least 1.5-2g of protein per/lb of body weight from rich protein foods preferably in 5-6 meals spaced in intervals of 2-3 hours througout the day.


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