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    Question wrestler needing help

    whats up, Im a junior in high school and im beginning to prepare for next season. Im about 185 right now but i wrestle 171. My goal is to get as big and as strong as i possibly can for next yr. but i want to wrestle at 171 again. Im about 5' 10 and am not a very lean 171, i could have probably wrestled 160 but i didnt want to cut that much weight. Any info on a workout plan, a diet plan, and supplement use will be appreciated(No Roids), Thanks.

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    whats up bud? good to see another wrestler! this is my fourth year as a college wrestler so i might have some knowledge that might help you. I was in your situation at about the same time you are. except i decided to get big the summer before i went to college. i wrestled 160 in h.s with about 16% body fat. my freshman year in college i wrestled 174 with about 12% body fat. now i wrestle 184 with 9-10% body fat. as for taking supplements right now, i would reccomend creatine (which is what i took), with a good multi vitamin. taking chromium picolanate (you can get this at gnc or wal-mart) also worked well to cut me up too. you might want to add a good protein powder to help with muscle repair. when i took the creatine i took it at high doses for about 2 months. doses being from 15-20 grams a day. i would definately not reccomend this unless you're willing to get some side effects. i had a problem with my kidneys from this, so keep that in mind. i did see great gains though. the main thing you have going for you right now though, is your age. you are in prime time to transform your body. your at the age where your hormones are still going crazy and that is what is going to build you up. so take advantage of this and just bust your ass in the weight room with high weight, less reps for now (this will get you stonger and more muscle), and when the season nears change it up to high reps and low weight (and this will cut you up and help your endurance). try some sprints and stadium stairs too. when eating, just don't drink pop, eat out much, and or eat alot of sweets and you'll be straight man. good luck.

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