Hey guys just wanted to post my results from a recent cycle of M1t. Hopefully it helps some people with what they are looking for. I used Legal Gears M1t @ 20mg ED, 10mg at about 9 am and another 10mg at 9 pm. I usually work out around 6 pm, 5 days a week. This was strictly done to see how much mass and strength i would gain over a 2 week time. I can't remember the last time i updated my profile so here is my stats.
Beginning Weight=237
BF=15% (maybe)

So after the 2 weeks here's what i got weighed in at 248, strength was up on every exercise, @ 10 reps bench was 300 up from 285, squats @ 8 reps 350 up from 320, etc... everything was between 15 to 25 more on strength gains. i am into my seconed week of PCT with 6oxo, weighed in yesterday @ 246 which seems to be where i've been since i stopped taking M1t.

Overall, i never got that tired was always able to eat, a few days of the cycle i noticed i maybe didn't want to eat as much but i would just eat anyways. no loss of libido, some of the drawbacks were that my lower back would get extremely sore and seemed to get cramps more often, i didn't see a reduction in BF% but wasn't really trying to accomplish that anyways. So all in all it was worth the time and effort IMO. Hope that helps.