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    S.A.N. t-100, 4-ad, 6oxo

    I recently got some free supplements and decided that I might as well use them since I got them for free. Here's what I'll be running for 6 weeks, plan on eating like a beast.

    300mg day SAN t-100
    150mg day 4-ad
    pct 600 1wk, 400 2wks, 200 1wk

    I have no idea about these products, just wondering what you guys thought, and what kind of gains I might make. Will 6oxo be good enough for post cycle or should I get nolva and clomid.

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    6-oxo should be good enough for this. However, nolva and clomid would be better, plus clomid helps stimulate naturally test production which 6-oxo won't do.

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