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    Question Clearing up some 1-test confusion

    I've decided to do a 4 week cycle of the oh so popular 1-test / 4ad stack, but.. I was wondering what would be the most effective way to administer being that this my first time using PHs.

    I was thinking it would be best to go the transdermal route because it's more effective than oral, but then I see that 1-test is also injectable. The plan was to buy the powder and a gel, so either way I'd be purchasing powder.

    1 - Why would anyone use a spray over a gel? With gel, nothing is lost, and using a spray you have a mist.

    2 - If I'm going the transdermal route, would using 1-test cypionate would be useless?

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    Found the answer after talking to a friend in the gym.

    OK.. cypionate is an ether, makes the 1-test last longer in the body.
    Anything that's in powder form can be injected.
    Spray vs. Gel is a personal preference, but IMHO its stupid to use a spray because it mists and you don't get an accurate dose.

    Its probably better to use a gel because you can apply an exact amount and not miss.

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