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    Question creatine + dehydration?

    i am a track and football athlete. i have problems with pulled hamstrings and groins a lot and the problems usually show up about 3 days into camp during summer 2 a days. it seems to be directly related to water loss during the hot august days. i am always weary about creatine b/c of the dehydration but i'm in my off season and would like to go on it. (i've had good results in the past) how long before season should i get off to make sure i have rehydrated my body properly.

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    Creatine volumises the cells by dragging more water into them ... there fore you will require more water to mantain hydration....

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    Creatine = drink,drink,drink!!

    You need to drink a lot of water whilst using creatine otherwise cramping can occurr

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    oh yea and those cramp are killers. Water is the only way around this. LOTS AND LOTS!

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    Ive read to drink at least 120oz of water while on Creatine

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