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Thread: While on Clen

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    While on Clen

    what can u stake with it supp wise

    i was thinkin a non ephdra fatburner

    Then Eca the 2weeks im off it

    so 2 weeks on with non-ephadra fat burner
    then 2weeks off eca

    good or bad

    any suggestions

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    Thats too much stimulation, if you ask me. Have you heard of ketotifen? There is an article about it in the educational forums...

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    there are quite a few that really enjoy the, thermorexin + clen stack.

    while on clen be sure to keep water intake adequate and take taurine (for clen cramping and some enhancement of effect)

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    are we talkign about clenbutrx , by VPX here or somethign else ?

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    dude clen by it self is enought.. in a month of good diet and excersize you'll love the results..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOAIB
    are we talkign about clenbutrx , by VPX here or somethign else ?
    I believe the clen they are referring too is clenbuterol , not clenbutrx by VPX, which should not be mistaken as clenbuterol. Clenbutrx is a fat burner with Ephedra and other stuff. I assuming they made the name like they did to fool people and get more sales?

    Now referring to clenbuterol, ive heard a couple times now that taurine helps with cramping. I am starting a clen cycle soon, where i will be doin two weeks clen, then two weeks ECA, rotating this for a total of 6-8 weeks depending on results. Anyone else use taurine while on clen to help cramping and find it works? ( I hope this isnt considered thread jackin, if so, sorry guys )


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