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    Interesting read on YNCA caps

    Here is an interesting article I found over at while surfing the internet.

    YMCA? No! That's YNCA!!!!" by Derek Cornelius

    Again, that's YNCA and I'm not talking about the Young Nerds Christian Association. YNCA stands for Yohimbine, Norephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. Combined in a stack, these compounds reach the next plateau in fat burning.

    By now, most of you have tried or at least have heard of the ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin) stack. Indeed, ECA is incredibly potent at altering one's metabolism. Nearly anyone that has ever tried this stack will testify that it causes a definite **** in the ratio of LBM (lean body mass) to fat mass in favor of LBM. Studies show that this stack is not only highly effective but that it is extremely safe for long term use. One such study in an obesity journal shows an ephedrine/caffeine stack to be more effective than the popular weight loss drug dexfenfluramine. Another study shows the same ephedrine/caffeine stack to be effective and safe even up to the 12 month mark (although effectiveness tended to wane after the 6 month point). The above two studies - and there are multitudes more - tested only ephedrine and caffeine. Studies, as well as anecdotal stack for fat loss. Finally, as long as you are a healthy person to begin with and you don't abuse the stack, ECA tends to improve overall health by improving blood lipid profiles and increasing insulin sensitivity. With so many good things, is it at all possible that the infamous ECA can be improved upon?

    For so many years, ECA has been the bully on the fat loss block. Nobody could touch him in terms of efficacy. Wait just a minute! Something's happening! A new fella called YNCA just stepped on the scene and he's walking mighty confidently. Incredible! He just looked menacingly and ECA fled with his tail between his legs! Seriously YNCA is a much better combination for fat loss than ECA. In fact, in the future it will be the standard stack for rapidly burning adipose tissue.

    Instead of ephedrine, YNCA uses norephedrine, specifically IR.2S norephedrine Ephedrine is indeed very thermogenic but it doesn't hold water compared to norephedrine. Studies show that amphetamines are number one at raising metabolic rate (too bad that these are controlled substances!) and norephedrine a close second. To make things interesting study after study shows that the 1R,2S form is twice as potent as the 1S,2R form. Not only is norephedrine more thermogenic but it is also a better anorecitc - able to suppress appetite - agent!

    Although some of you will inevitably feel that the extreme wired feeling that ephedrine produces is a positive attribute, most individuals I've talked to would like this phenomenon to be reduced. Again, norephedrine triumphs over ephedrine because it passes the blood-brain barrier much less the ephedrine therefore stimulating certain parts of the brain much less. As far as I can tell, norephedrine is about half as potent at causing the wired feeling as ephedrine. The people that I have talked to feel that norephedrine has ideal stimulatory properties - just enough to cause some pep but not so much as to cause the person to feel badly. We thus see that 1R,2S norephedrine is the ideal fat loss agent extremely thermogenic, highly anorectic, and very kind on the nervous system.

    Of course, to potentate the norephedrine we add caffeine and aspirin and voila we have the NCA stack. You say, "Wait a minute, Derek! You mentioned YNCA and not NCA - what does the Y stand for and what does it do?" As previously mentioned, the Y stands for Yohimbine, an alpha sub 2 adrenergic receptor blocker. To explain why this is added I must explain a little biochemistry. All of the ephedrine alkaloids do their work by stimulating nerve ending to produce catecholamines like adrenaline - an adrenergic by stimulating nerve ending to produce catecholamines like adrenaline -0 an adrenergic hormone. In turn, this adrenaline stimulates various adrenergic receptors of which there are the beta and alpha types. The receptors we want stimulated to increase the rate of fat loss are the beta sub 2 and and the beta sub 3. Fortunately, 1R,2S norephedrine does an excellent job of doing this. The receptor that we don't want stimulated is the alpha sub 2. It is this receptor that prevents fat mobilization out of the cell. Thus, whenever this receptor gets stimulated, no fat can get out of the cell and no subsequent burning of that fat can occur. Women have an especially large amount of alpha sub 2 receptors in their lower body and thus tend to have a very difficult time keeping fat off of this area.

    As an alpha sub 2 adrenergic receptor antagonist, Yohimbine is ideal at blocking the above described effect allowing fat to be mobilized and burned. I have seen some women who just could not lose their lower bodyfat. Some of these women would be to point emaciation in their upper bodies. They had so many alpha sub 2 receptors in their legs and hip area that this fat would barely mobilize and thus barely get burned. These same women when placed on the YNCA stack would immediately start noticing a reduction in their lower body fat. The yohimbine would block the alpha sub 2 receptors, thus allowing the fat to be mobilized; the effects of the norephedrine, aspirin and caffeine would then do their part in burning this mobilized fat.

    A final benefit of the Yohimbine is the ability to drastically increase the libido - in both men and women! This effect is quite noticeable and I have heard of some absolutely wild reports as to what this compound has done for a person's sex life. Although in certain dosages, Yohimbine is a prescription for impotence in men, it works equally well in women - maybe too good!!

    As a final note, please be sure that the product you purchase contains only pharmaceutical grade ingredients and not herbal derivatives. As of now, there is only one company that makes a stack which contains Yohimbine HCI, 1R,2S Norephedrine HCI and Caffeine. Fortunately, this product is of the highest quality. Most fat burners on the market today are herbal in nature because of the restrictions the government has placed on ephedrine containing products. The potencies of these herbal products cannot come close to the real pharmaceutical McCoy. Luckily, norephedrine is not as closely regulated and can easily be used in stacks for fat burning.

    Think fat loss - think YNCA!!!!!

    5mg Yohimbine
    25mg Norephedrine
    100mg Caffeine
    100mg ASA

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    QFS makes this now. I'm ordering some this week.

    FYI if you have never used Norephedrine before there is a huge difference. What happened to it? Did it get banned like ephedra?

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    It was banned because of methamphetamine manufacturing. That wasn't the official reason, but it was the real reason.

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