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    ephedra ban in u.s.

    hey everyone...i am sorry if other people have touched on this subject before but i couldnt find much on it. i just heard the other day i only have about 5-6 more days til they completly take ephedra off the shelves here in the u.s. and was wanting to know if i could get some info on it. is it going to be completly legal to posess? can i order it from another country such as the u.k. or europe? where can i start looking for international sources if it is NOT illegal? i love takeing a pill before work and the gym because i am running aroud my whole shift (i am a server in a resturant) takeing care of other people.

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    beatin it up...

    Look for a product called Metabadrine. Identical ingredients as the old Xenadrine RFA-1.

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