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    Should I Go Back To Creatine?

    This is my first time on this site and all your information is really great. I need some help and was hoping to get your insight. About a year ago I was on creatine and protein and got some good results. I went off of it for awhile and lost some mass. My friend told me about Myo-Blast and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm just about done with the whole bottle and have not got any results. I've been taking Myo-Blast for about 6 weeks. Does this Myo-Blast really work or do I just have to give it more time? Should I go back to creatine or some other supplement? What brand of creatine or other supplement do you recommend? Also is there any particular kind of protein you guys recommend? All your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    always stick with what works for you.....

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    It depends how much time and how much loading of creatine work up for you.
    I know maybe there will be people who disagree on me on that but the American Cell Tech is a good creatine if you didn't had too much loading before. You may combine that with Glutamine, Proteine, Hmb. If you fell that you want a bit more... add some creapure in it. Nature unmixed creatine. With all those combine naturall supplement and a good diet you shoud get some resolt for good and keep them. Don't stop training after this loading for the same amount of time you took those product +1month.
    You shoudn't loose more than 5% of you're gain from that.

    P.S. Follow that advice, I totally agree! Always stick to what works with you.

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    I would stick with the creatine and protein since you saw good results.

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