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    Planned Supplements-Opinion please

    I've gotten M1T and Xenabol Drostanediol.
    I've also gotten 55 grams/serving Whey protein for post workout and morning drink and Casein Protien nighttime sleeping. I plan on taking;
    10mg M1T/day
    6mg Xenabol Drostanediol/day
    400grams/day protien (165lbs)

    I heard that you should only cycle for 2 weeks of M1T then off for 2 weeks.
    My goal is to gain lean mass with little water bloating. I also have some creatine from pro performance. Hydroxy Cuts from muscletech.

    Any help would be appreciated. I know I have a pretty solid workout schedule, but I would just love to gain some lean mass becuase I have a high metabolism.

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    there are a lot of M1T cycle threads on this forum ,u may wanna check them out , all i know is just be careful and watch the sides from M1T .......... other than that u look ready to go dude ,

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    u can go longer, i hear the effect lessens, not sure though.

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