I've just purchased VPX M1T and Xenabol Drostanediol. I've worked out intensely when I was in high school and even participated in alot of contest. I've joined the Navy, got married, had children and turned 30. My workouts went from 6times a week in high school to 2 twice a year when I was required to do Phycal fitness test for the Navy. I'm still quite cut, but now I'm 165Lb at 5'11. I'm in the process of getting a devorce so now I plan on getting back into shape like I once was. Here is my plan starting Monday, 5th of April.
Day1-Chest, Triceps,Abs
Day7-And God said "this will be the day of rest"

M1T-10mg/day morning/15min before workout
Xenabol Drostanediol 6mg/day 2mg morning/mid-day/before sleep
Whey Protien 55grams/serving morning/post workout
Casien protien 40grams/serving before sleep
Creatine 1 tablespoon/3 times a day

If any of you have any suggestions or remarks about the plan please let me know. I plan on keeping you all posted once a week. I'm getting Underway the 5th for 21 days so all I have to do is workout. Does any of you have any experience with these products? I already seen alot of forums on M1T and the side effects, but I'm curious about the stack I'm using. VPX Xenabol Drostanediol claims it has the same effect as "Masteron " and Masteron is good only if you have a low body fat percentage like I do already.