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    The new and safe fatburner...

    On ephedra products -

    ``These products pose unacceptable health risks, and any consumers who are still using them should stop immediately,'' Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson said.

    Interesting point....

    ``Ephedra has killed more than 100 individuals and injured thousands of others,'' said Bruce Silverglade, legal director of the Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest. ``The only problem is, it took the FDA almost 10 years to ban the substance.''

    It looks like the healthy way to lose weight now is to add smoking cigarettes to our already healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out. Smoking seems to be the only healthy alternative, it's certainly never killed more than 100 individuals.

    Of course I'm sarcastic, to me this is just annoying. Not that I use ephedra or PH's but it's just the fact they make these things look like suicide pills. Of course government has an interest in keeping tobacco companies going, but when you see articles that would make a lay person believe these things will kill you if you take one, it's like an annoying kick in the face to those of us who know (not that a kick in the face isn't ever annoying).

    Here is the entire article;_yl...v=ap&type=lgns of course they throw an ephedra ban under the MLB section why not!?!? When reading the article I felt like I was in a surreal make believe land where pink dancing elephants took orders from wiley bananas

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