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    Talking Help Me Setup My Stack? NOX3, Creatine, Glutamine, and tribulus?

    Hey what's up?
    When I get the money, I'm going to start a new stack. All I've really done is creatine and glutamine, aminos, and arginine, and now I'm adding NOX3 into the mix.

    NOX3: 6-8 caps daily
    Creatine: 10 grams daily (no, I don't load either)
    Glutamine: 10 grams daily

    Now for total efficiency, what would be the best time to take each?
    My schedule is basically I wake up, lift about an hour after breakfast, drink a PWO shake, and then have a carb/protein meal about an hour or so later, and then meals throughout the day.

    I was thinking
    Nox3 (3 caps) when I first wake up
    Breakfast right after
    about a half hour later 5g creatine
    hour later lift
    pwo shake, and 5g creatine
    hour-hour and a half later carb/protein lunch, nox3 (3 caps), 5g glutamine
    and then 5g more of glutamine right before bed.

    Sound good?
    And also, would tribulus work okay with that stack? I'm asking 'cause my friend's uncle is my hookup for half-off wholesale for a certain nutrition company, and he really wants me to try tribulus, and for half off wholesale it's practically free so what do you say?

    thanks a million for any help!!!!

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    IMO you have too much glutamine. I would take 5g's PWO and 5g'd before bedtime. Also, you need't have the amino acids as most whey proteins have a fairly acceptable amino acid profile.

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