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    Whey mixed with fruit?

    Is it better to mix fruit in with your whey protein supp. or should u just mix the powder with water or milk..........does it matter?

    rite now i am using Nlarge2, 8oz water, 1 cup of strawberry yogurt and 1/2 banana mixed together....


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    I mix it with water so that it can be digested asap.

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    It depends, if your cutting down you probably wouldn't want to put fruit in it, but as I see you don't seem to be cutting down to much so I don't think it matters much

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    hi there,

    if its directly post workout it may not be a bad idea - a high glycemic fruit juice eg. grape juice with the whey. otherwise i remember a great postworkout drink posted here a hwile ago consisting of whey protein, dextrose tablet and some maltodextrin - or something like that, perfect post workout.

    water is the healthiest option. milk will give extra calories (and most people cutting will cut out dairy) and remember that milk (well, anything really besides water) slows down absorption of protein, and the whole point of whey is its immediate absorption and rapid digestion (quick acting protein)

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    I always use milk unless I,m working away and then I,ll use water but I have added fruit and always look at fruit and veg as empty cals I never count them into my diet.I,ve used yogurt just make sure its lowfat.

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