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    Cool cytodyne, androdyne, pro-hormones ??

    Has anyone ever used any of the following products - cytodyne, androdyne, adro-stack 850, isodyne ? If so what were your stats and what are your thoughts on the product. I have heard from numerous people ( including people i have seen use the product ) that Cytodyne is especially good in building mass. As for the other products I have listed I have only heard more or less statements on sites that sell them, they are more or less purely for advertising. If any of you have any info. on these supplements - best way they work, best workout routine to use with product, etc. My stats are 5'11 175lbs. bf % unknown...I would like to definitely get my weight up to around 185 - 190 I have been out of it for a few months due to some rotator cuff problems..i plan on giving myself a couple of months in the gym before i start on any supplement. Any help would be appreciated.

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    My bud at the gym says that the poppers by pinnacle work very well. I don't take the shit myself though

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