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    Order of taking juice+supplements.

    I am curious as to when to consume protein, glutamine, vitamins. Also wha else should I consume to maximize my gains from the anabolics?

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    I usually take my protein shkes post workout and then consume the rest from natural foods. As for the rest, I take them on wake-up. As for what else you should take, you'll get a ton of differing opinions. I take zinc, creatine (though it makes me cramp a lot) whey protein, soy isoflavones and a multi-vitamin. Save you $$$ on all the exotic shit, they usually aren't worth the money. Stick with wal-mart or "ALLSPORT Nutrition" for all your supplement needs. Great prices with quick delivery!!!!

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    I agree with ya total bravo. The only supplement I would add is Flax seed oil. Very high in omega 3 EFA. Get it cheap at wal-mart.

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    Here's the way I do it:
    Protein shake - When I wake up & post workout (20 minutes after)
    Glutamine - 5g pre workout (30 minutes before) & 5g post workout (immediately after)
    Creatine - 5g pre workout (1 hour before) & 5g post workout (1-2 hours after)
    BCAA - In between meals and shakes.

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    I take Vit C a multi vit,cod liver oil,zinc,and 5g of glutamine as soon as I wake.

    1 hour later I have a protein shake

    I take creatine 5g post workout

    1 shake before bed (1 hour)

    5g of glutamine immediatley before bed.

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