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Thread: Usnic Acid

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    Question Usnic Acid

    Hi all,

    I picked up the most recent issue of Muscular Development last night (as an aside, is someone on their editorial staff having sex with Jay Cutler?) and there was an article on Usnic Acid.

    It made some inferences that the results of taking Usnic Acid may provide fat loss results similar to DNP , however there have been no clinical tests proving this theory. Also, it said that the side effects are presently unclear and that it may be very dangerous to take.

    I searched this forum for any mention of Usnic Acid but came up empty. Has anyone ever heard of it or have any info?

    By the way, this forum rocks!! I joined a few weeks back and find myself scanning it 3-4 times a day.

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    Only 3-4 times aday!! Give it a month and it will be 10 times aday.Never heard of it but I will do some research and see what I can find out about it,but if it could be harmful i would,nt bother taking it!

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    Check and

    Also read the forums and elite fitness board...

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