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    What workout routine do you feel.

    What workout routine do you feel gives the best results?

    Have you tried other routines?

    Are you one of the people who feel 1 on 1 off is the best way or, are you one of the people who feel the more times you work out the muscle in a week is best. 3 on 1 off 3 on.

    Ive tried both ways and still havent come up with the answer as to which one works best.

    I feel I am wasting an extra day to work each muscle group if I only work out 3 times a week rather than 6. 3 on 1 off gives your muscles 3 days to recover and you workout twice as much.
    However, I tried working out each muscle group just once a week and have found that the muscles continue to grow even after a week of inactivity.

    The poll if done correctly will have the above two options and other for those who have a different workout that they feel works better.

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    i am a big fan of the 5 days on 2 off. but some people say one on one off is the best way for pure size because you get the optimal rest between each workout. it make sense but when i run gear i like to 5 days on 2 of and i recently was going 2 times a day to lift. that was awesome. im going to try to do that again soon.

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    i used to do 5-6 days per week and was half the size I am now. this past cycle I did 3 workouts per week and saw great results. With a physical job I find I need more rest time and my workouts have improved greatly, though for next cycle I'll probably go 4 times a week 2 days on, one off, 2 days on 2 off, and stick with 3 for now during pct.

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    Well, it seems to me that you are referring to volume training, in which case I think even if you rearrange the days or body parts a lil bit, i believe the results will all be similar. Now, if you really wanna have an educated debate, then you start comparing training systems.

    BTW- I train 3x per week.

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    I do a 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off routine just started it though. Used to be 5 on 2 off. Decided to break up my off days.

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    i do 6 on one off one muscle group a day with usualy seven days rest for each muscle group. i have found my best gains this way. i also work that one muscle group to complete exaustion

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    i work out every other day. that is i will work out the same body part twice in a week. whatever works best for you.

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    I am currently using 5 days on 1 day off - 1 muscle per day. I am using a modified Max OT routine.

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    3 on two off
    shoulders/lower back
    hits each group twice a week with 4 days to recover great for the chemically enhanced

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