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    Bad Late Spread.need Help

    Hey Guys I Train My Back Hard But Wen I Try To Do A Late Spread I Have A Gap At The Top Of My Late Like Just Under My Arm Pits It Does Not Spread Nice It Bulges With A Cap.
    A Train Back Like This
    Pull Ups
    Lat Pull Down
    Seated Rows
    One Arm Dumbell Upright Rows
    Cant Do Dead Lift Do To Bad Lower Back Pain.
    Pls Help Me Guys It Is Really Pissing Me Off.

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    t-bar rows!

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    i do standing lat pull downs with on the cable lat pull down machine. kind of bend at the waist take a step back let the wieght go just above my head and then pull it down to my thighs they seem to isolate the particular area your talking about
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    heavy lat pulls, either do lat pulls or pull ups, not both. tbars are next for lats, then start really light and do deads till your back gets better...

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    Try Chest Pull Overs--Back and head on a flat bench across the middle. Put the weight over your head and lower it towards the ground, bring it back over your chest.

    They are supposed to extend the ribcage and stretch out your pecs, but they are also used for Lat development. I just saw Ronnie use them in his video actually.

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