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    Smile The One Muscle A Day Split and Instictive Training. How Many Train Like Me?

    So how many people here do the one muscle a day split? I have been lifting for a couple of years now, and in the past year and a half to two years I have been doing the one muscle a day split and I've seen the most gains from it.
    But what's a real good schedule for such, so as not to overlap and overtrain the muscles too much? I've always lifted instictively, I never really have a set pattern, or a set excercise order or amount of sets, and it seems to work, but then again there's always room for improvement. For instance, if my tri's are still sore from the the tri workout and I was planning on benching/chest, I simply wait 'til my tri's feel better. I also try and do sets 'til I feel good, and work with whatever weight gets me to a good failure point on that particular day. I know a lot of pro's work like this and it keeps things fresh, I really haven't had a "down spell" where I don't feel like lifting for the past year and a half!!!! I love it.
    I also just lift how I feel and change it up. Like if I feel pumped I do heavy sets of low reps, or if I did heavy set on that muscle last week I'll do more of a 8-10 rep range.
    Does anybody else fit into a category like me?

    I may try a strict schedule for a while sometime. Like 4 weeks of a certain amount of sets, the same excercises, the same reps for each muscle. Then 4 weeks of different excercises with a lower/higher rep target and such, but is that something totally neccessary?

    Anyways, what's a good split so as not to overlap too much? This good?
    Sunday- Rest (abs at home and cardio)
    Monday- Chest (get it after rest, my fave bodypart)
    Tuesday-Back and traps
    Wednesday- Legs (quads,calves,hams)
    Friday-Bi's and forearms
    Saturday- Shoulders

    The chest and tri's are split okay, and the back and bi's are split okay I think. The only thing is the shoulders play a part in chest excercises, but I have a day of rest in between.

    Sorry for the long winding and subjectless post hehe, but hopefully this hits home with some

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    Your workout sounds solid (not that im an expert) and mine is the same but i hit shoulders on thurs so my chest feels good (also favorite muscle). It works better 4 me cuz im not in great shape cardio wise and i can work each muscle hard w/out worryin bout bein too tired to work other muscles like i was when stacking muscle groups. Prob didnt help but im there wit ya. Also what r ure stats?

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    My routine is almost identical to yours. Except, I do Shoulders on Thurs. and arms (tri's, bi's) on Friday. Take Sat. and Sun off. Monday I'm refreshed and ready for chest.

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