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    Chest/Tri Question

    I've herd a few people say that they do Chest and Tri's on the same day. The same with Back and Bi's. I always thought you should avoid this. What's betteR?

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    actually when i first started working out thats exactly what i did, for someone new just working out its not that bad as u can more done in the same day, like for instance: u can change the days of the week, just an example,

    mon: chest/tris
    tues: back/bis
    wed: legs
    fri: delts/traps

    as u get more experienced and start working out harder, it gets harder to do chest/tris or back/bis done in the same workout. thats when people start splitting things up like having just an arm day where u do bi/tris same workout. right now i am on the 5 day a week workout instead of just 4.

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    i do chest/tri, back/bi on the same day and i havent had any problems. i think it is good because it is a little warm up for bis and tris becuause even if you have the best form they come into play durring those exercises.

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    i do not do it on thye same day because i cannot fully optimize my workouts because tri are exhausted from chest, bi's are tired from back. i do tri/bi separate day with shoulders and am getting better results. try em out

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    I agree with SPOON. I don't do it on the same day, although I used to. I like giving every muscle its own day.

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    ive had my best results training muslces that work together in the same session.
    back/bi's all the way!

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    LM1332 Guest
    I did that principle for about a week and i hated it. I could never get done enough of tris after doing chest with heavy weights you tris are not in the best shape to do anything

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    I absolutely love doing the Ch/Tri..Back/Bis workouts. I do Front Delt work with my PUSH day...Side and Rear Delts with PULL day.
    You guys who are doing seperate days for all these things aren't giving your body the optimal rest and recovery it needs.
    I do a HEAVY bench workout (going up to 405 x 2) and I STILL have enough strength in my Tris to tear them down. I can't imagine how much my Bench Press (great overall strength and mass developer) would suffer if I did Tris and shoulders at a couple other points during the week!!! YIkES!!!
    But to each his own.
    Peace dogs.

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