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    I need help advice welcome...

    I just started my first cycle 250mg test 200 mg eq, Not a huge cycle but i wanted low dose.

    Im not sure what type of workout will give me faster gains during this cycle. My workout has been

    Monday: Chest and tris, 20 min cardio power walking
    Tuesday: Back and Bis
    Wensday: Legs and Shoulders 20 min cardio power walking
    Thurs: Chest and tris
    Fri: Back and bis 20 min cardio power walking
    rest on the week end

    Should I switch to a
    chest on monday
    bis and tris tuesday
    wensday back
    thursday shoulders
    fri legs

    type routine?

    Im after size

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    workin legs once a week huh ?? i was on a 6 day program. days didn't really matter as far as monday i had to work this, tuesday i had to work this. just whatever came in order.

    not gonna tell you what to do, there's a few combinations of how to work out. just gotta find out what works best for you and stick with it.

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