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    a different way to progressivly increase poundage?

    I guess traditionally, most programs traditionally have you progressively lower the reps and increase the weight as time goes on.

    But what are some of your thoughts on say picking a weight that you can do for maybe 3- 4 reps and use that weight every week using forced reps and negatives until eventually you can rep it out say 8-10 reps on your own

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    yes you can do that as well but your body adapts quick to the weight and its hella broing. just my o2

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    When it adapts, do you just get hypertrophy of a few fibers, or do you inervert more fibers? If its the latter, I'd rather do that, more fibers working a for a while and then hit it heavy for short set would mean you could hypertrophy more fibers and get big quick. Yes or no?

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    sounds pretty similar to what i was doing last year for most of the year. worked pretty well for me i found. just make sure that you increase reps every workout. and don't go too high rep, when you get to say 8 or 10 up the weight, remember that you might have to make bigger weight jumps that if your were normally progressing in wheight. as it is not really upping overall work changing from say 220 lbs for 10 to 230 for 5. but just play it by ear untill you work out what is best for you

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    I like to start out at a weight per 6 reps and work it up to 10 reps and when i do that i increase the weight and do that new weight for 6 reps and work til 10 again.

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    Forced Reps

    I had let myself get really sloppy two years ago. I couldn't even push 225x1. Every other bench day I try to go heavier than I can. I call this 'ridiculous day.' For example, now I can go 275x12 reps on my regular day, so on rididulous day I'll warm up with the bar, then do 315x1 then jump to 340 and practice locking out 405.

    Benching is an athletic move, so it takes practice and I've found that practicing like a power lifter helped me lift more so I could grow more.

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