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    want chest workout

    could you help me,bros
    just give me your chest workouts and 'things' you use
    now i'm doing bulking and everything's fine,but the chest
    it just doesn't grow as fast as arms or back
    so i wanna know your program

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    Noo Yawk
    as it goes for any weaker or slower developing body part, use shocking principles...the stripping method, super sets, negative reps, etc. The only way to make muscles grow is put them under conditions they are not used to, try changing up your workout sometimes. For example, 2 weeks in a row ill do dumbells mainly for chest...then the week after ill do mostly barbells for it.

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    when i bulk, i do bench and incline... and heavy flyes, i try to do 3sets of 8. and 10 on flyes

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