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    Dumbell/Barbell Leg workouts

    I was wondering if anyone knew some good workouts for your legs you can do with dumbells and a barbell and you don't need any special machine for. The only thing I can use a machine for is leg curls. I also know about Step Ups, Squats, Lunges, and Calf Raises. Does anyone have any other ideas I can do?

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    You can add deadlifts, olympics lifts and their variations as well as cycle different variations of squats in addition to what you are already doing. Maybe some one-legged squats, good mornings and stiff leg deads also a good idea.

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    i dont think you could get a great legworkout from DBs... maybe a hell of alot of

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    Question For legs.

    Will this help you?
    Sorry it is a bit blurry!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dumbell/Barbell Leg workouts-clip_image002.jpg   Dumbell/Barbell Leg workouts-clip_image003.jpg  

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    Give this one a try, its one of the most intense workouts I know of, keep the rest short and reps around 8-10.

    4 sets squats
    4 sets straight legged deadlifts
    4 sets walking lunges with db's

    if your not murdered after that then do some leg curls with a db, just lie down on a bench and grip a db with your legs and curl it. you can also do glute ham raises all you need for that is somehwere to hook your feet upp or a buddy to hold your feet down. Do a goggle or eniro search for glute ham raises incase you dont know what it is.

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    thnx for your help really apprectiate it

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