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    Help with workout split

    Please give me some constructive criticism on my split, like is it good or bad, undertraining or overtraining.

    Monday - Chest and tri's
    Tuesday - Back and bi's
    Wednesday - Ab's and calves
    Thursday - Shoulders
    Friday - Legs
    Saturday - Abs and calves

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    When I train, I always make sure whatever bodypart I train, that certain body part has to be unused as much as possible. So when I do train that bodypart, because that body part is unused for that day, it can give me its 100% strength. That is why I will not train chest and tricepts together coz when you train chest, you tend to use ur tricepts a fair bit. So when your done with chest and move onto training tricepts, your tricepts wont give you as much strength coz they were already in use when training chest. However, some people are the total opposite and like to train a certain bodypart that may have been active a bit during the training of previous bodypart on that day. Whatever body parts I train, I always make sure that the 2 body parts Im training are not close to eachother eg: tricepts and bicepts. Sometimes its hard to find a combination where it wont effect a certain bodypart you want to train after training something else, but just experiment with your routines and eventually you will come across a combo that suits you

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