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Thread: Pec work outs

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    Pec work outs

    Hey guys. my pecs change size alot or so it seems.. like one day they will look more full then a few days later they will look like they gone down in size. My weight doesnt change or anything but anyways. Whats the best pec work out that u suggest to work ur inner pecs and get the upper pec more bulky. i need to add some size to my chest. i am open 2 all suggestions. ALSO i am never sore ether no matter how hard i lift.. ?? thanks fellas
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    Impliment Flys incline. decline, flat, and cable cross overs. Any of those will help. Also try weighted dips. Also change it up from barbell to dumbbell once and awile, you may be becoming imune to your chest workout. Varition is a great key to growth.

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    Lifting chest is always the one thing I get sore from. Sometimes my other bodyparts will get sore like back and tris especially, but i can always count on my chest being sore the day after and even up to 3 days after. My workout looks like this:

    Incline 3 sets 10, 8, 4
    Flat 3 sets 10, 8, 4
    Decline 3 sets 10, 8, 4
    Flyes 3 sets

    i switch up the order every week (but always leave flyes for the last exercise usually).
    i also switch up teh reps. Sometiems I wont go less than 8, othertimes i wont go any more than 6. DO a warmup set in the beginning, and when i say 10 reps i mean struggle with those last few reps, make sure you really work for them. Good luck and i hope this helps alittle.

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    ANOTHER THING GUYS..whats itm ean when the inner part of ur chest gets like stretch marks lol when my pecs seem 2 change size i get little stretch marks on hte upper inner part... hmm ??

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