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    Full Range Of Motion?

    There was a guy at my gym tonight benching, but he was only moving the bar about 5 or 6 inches up and down. He had short arms, but he wasn't even coming close to a full range of motion. He was deisel as hell, so I figure he must know what he's doing. But what purpose would that serve? I've seen alot of guys doing exercises like this. Is that the way you're supposed to bench or what?

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    Full range of movement is the way to go...But he was doing partial reps which are great for getting that extra pump...

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    Sounds like partial reps but as Bex said the full range is better for building I do partial sometimes when I have fatigued the muscles and just want more of a pump

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    When i bench ... i dont go to lock out .... i raise the bar until maybe 1 inch before ...... so maybe this is what he was doing it keeps constant tension on the pecs .... watch any pro bodubuilder train you will see they do the same thing ...

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    perhaps this is your answer!

    this was copied from this thread:

    THIS MIGHT HELP ? Have a read anyway! (Post #23)

    When you do bench you need to first lay on the bench. Pretend you have a bar in your hand and let your arm fall naturally in a bench position. Now raise your "pretend bar" 5cms(2 inches) higher.

    From NAte_dog:

    This is the NATURAL RANGE OF MOTION(ROM) THAT YOUR SHOULDER IS SUPPOSED TO GO THROUGH. Lowering the bar (or dumb bells) all the way to your chest can cause shoulder injuries!

    People will argue that it ia not full ROM, but I prefer to have 100% functioning pain free shoulders.

    Hope this helped you. I can back this up with a good article if anyone like that will FULLY decribe what I just went through in greater detail.

    Hope it helped....

    Take it easy,


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    is that what towel bench is for. so u do not hurt your shoulders as much. i add that everyone once in while when my shoulders are hurting. it ussually helps

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