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    pain in the azz knees

    I have to take time off from the squat rack because of my knees, they hurt all the time. Is the legpress (which doesnt bother me) at all equal to squats. By doing leg presses and not squating, should i expect to loose anything from my legs. my squat max is slightly over 450.

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    You can expect to lose out in the overall look of you physique because squats do alot more than just work your legs. But at least you legs won't suffer too much if you are forced to only do leg presses.

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    you can count on losing overall strength. squat works more than your legs, its recruits your hammies, erectors, glutes. Leg press cant even compare. BUT, if your knees dont mix with squatting, there is not much you can do about it except examine your technique. Make sure your sitting back in your squat, sticking your butt back, not down and stay tight. Everyone that had knee problems and gets the technique down never looks back

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    i really dont want to back off of the squat rack, but it has to be done, my knees hurt 24/7. What other parts of my physick(?) will i lose?

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