I am starting a new job soon where my time is going to be taken up. After doing a ton of research and using years of experience in the gym, I came up with this split to accomodate my schedule. I feel this is a great split for anyone who only has moderate amounts of time and wants to stay lean(or get lean for the most part). It is more of a hypertrophy orientated workout. You may gain strength, but the focus is maintaining muscle and leanness.
Monday-Delts, traps, tris, ab work
Tuesday- Cardio
Weds-Chest, back, bis
Thurs- Cardio
Fri- Legs, High Intensity short interval cardio.

Heres the workout- **denotes warmup set before first set. Otherwise, go right on to next exercise.

-3 minute cardio warmup
**-DB Shoulder Presses- 10/ 8/ 8/ (60 second rest in between)
-DB side raise- 3*10 at a consistent weight (50 seconds rest)
**-Reverse Pec Dec- 12/ 10/ 8/ (50 seconds rest)
**-DB Shrugs- 12/ 10/ 8/ 8/ (60 second rest in between)
**-DB French Press- 10/ 8/ 8/ 8/ (60 second rest in between)
-Cable Tricep Extensions- 3* 10 at a consistent weight (50 seconds rest)
ABS- 10-15 seconds rest between sets.
*Reverse crunches off decline-3*10 with a 3 second pause at the top of movement
*Weighted machine crunches-3*15-20
*Bicycles-2*30-40 reps

-3 minutes cardio warmup
**-Hammer Strength Bench Press-10/ 8/ 8/ 8/ (60-90 seconds rest)
-Incline DB Flys- 4*8 at consistent weight (50 seconds rest)
**Pullups-Different grips each set(strict form-use machine to guide you)-4*8-10 (60 seconds rest)
-TBar Row-Different Grips-12/ 10/ 8/ 8/ (60 seconds rest)
**Preacher Barbell Curl-10/ 8/ 8/ (60 seconds)
DB Full range of Motion Curls-3*10 (50 seconds)

**-Barbell Squats-10/ 8/ 8/ (60-90 seconds rest)
-Machine Leg Press- 12/ 10/ 8/ (60 seconds rest)
-Leg Extension-3*8 (50 seconds rest)
**Leg Curl- 12/ 10/ 8/ 8/ (50 seconds rest)
-Calf Raises- 4*12-15 (30 seconds rest)
Cardio-HIT form of cardio. On Bike. Warmup 3 minutes, do 15 minutes of 20 second hard/40 second recover intervals, then cool down for 3-4 minutes.