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Thread: good routine???

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    hoopty is offline New Member
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    Feb 2002

    good routine???

    here is how i have been working

    mon- chest/tri
    tues- rest
    wed- legs
    thus- rest
    fri- back/bis
    sat- rest
    sun- rest

    is this not enough training? i dont want to overdo it but it just seems sensible to me to spend more time resting than breaking down. sometimes i throw in a arms only day.

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    Where's shoulders, traps, calves, forearms., and abs?

    Also, I would lift chest with bi's, and back with tri's, so you can go to muscle failure and give it all your all, and be fresh when you do each exercise. Add a sh oulders traps day on saturday. . .and mix in some calves, forearms, and abs on odd days.

    Do you do cardio? What's you goal? Bro, throw me a bone here, I'm tryin to help . .but it's hard when I don't know if you're cutting, bulking, maintaining, 30%bf or 3%bf. Shout back at yo dowg.

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    Mr PPP is right more info needed and unless you have a body thats incomplete you seem to be missing some workouts!

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    Feb 2002
    I throw in shoulders with back and traps with chest days. maybe i should consider doing them on a seperate day.

    18 yrs old
    175 lbs
    6 feet even
    b/f next to nothing

    my goal is to gain as much mass as possible. i dont have a problem at all when it comes to cutting, metabolism is through the roof. I just eat whatever i get my hands on and as much as possible and most of what i eat really is healthy. plz critique. constructive criticism appreciated ppp

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    I don't think Chest, Shoulders, Legs, or Back should be done on the same day.

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