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Thread: pyramiding

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    When bulking is there a difference between doing sets with increasing weight with decreasing repetitions, and decreasing weight with increasing repetitions? Which way is better for growing?

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    ive read that pyramiding upward in weight and downward in reps helps with the strength...alot of power lifters use that style....a freind of mine who was a champion here in hawaii believes that 80 %of your max for high reps gets to your inner tissues as well as outer and therefor builds volume...

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    Change it up. Keep your body guessing. Bigkev is a major advocate of exactly the opposite, and look at him. He pyramids down...starting at low reps such as 4-6-8-12...Although I believe we convinced him to give his joints a break and try higher reps for the pump.

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    when pyramiding up i.e. 6/8/10/12 you're supercharging your nervous system with the heavier reps and the following reps will be easier.
    charles poliquin is a big advocate of supercharging the nervous system. (1-6 principle)

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