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Thread: Getting Serious

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    Getting Serious

    Hey guys,

    I am a college student stuck at school for the summer, and will be living a rather boring life for the next two months. I have been working out for the past 2 years regulary, but never really took my training seriously. I am currently 6'1" 180-185lbs, with a typical college build, strong but with a gut. Anyways I am going to really start training seriously, I want to lose by fat and put on 10-15lbs. I wanted to run my planned workout past you guys:

    Day 1: Chest, calves
    - alternating: (#1: dumbell flat press, flyes, dumbell incline press, flyes, dumbell decline press flyes) (#2 Flat Bench press, Incline Smith machine press, decline barbell press)
    - calve machine press (9set, 3straight, 3toes pointed outward, 3toe pointed inward)

    Day 2: Bi's, Tri's
    - Olympic Barbell Curls, Dumbell Curls, Dumbell Hammer Curls
    - Skull Crushers, close grip benc, rope pulldowns

    Day 3: Back
    - pullups, deadlifts, dumbell bent over rows, bent over rows using a barbell on an inclie bench, shruggs, pulldows (3 wide grip, 3 with close grip)

    Day 4: Shoulders, Quads, hammies
    - DB shoulder press, BB Shoulder press, front raises, Lateral raises, Reverse flyes, upright rows
    - squats behind the head, lunges, leg press, leg extension
    - laying leg curls on a machine

    Day 5: Rest

    I have been doing most of these exercises, but never really focused and pushed myselft. I think if I eat right, I can get a gain of ten pounds. I was wondering what you guys thought about this workout.

    Also I will be postin my diet in the diets forum, but I was wondering what supps I should take. I get protein, and celltech, and anything else GNC sells free, so I was thinking 120grams of whey spread throughout the day. I was also going to cycle cell tech for 4 weeks after I start really working out, what are your suggestions??

    I wanna really get dedicated and see what I can do naturally. I see all of these guys around me juicing, then going out 4 nights a week, getting coked up, and doing dumb ass ****. I wanna get big, then in a few years, juice and get freaky.

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing what you guys would recommend.

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    Oh yeah, I will be doing abs on every other workout day, and cardio on the other two workout days. 30 minutes on the stair master, I wanna really target my legs for development.

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    Not too bad. You should make good progress with that. here' some points taht stuck out to me tho....
    -with the calves, get rid of the whole toes in toes out thing...pointless. Your muscles contract on an all or nothing principle, cant isolate inside or outside.
    -Dont rely on whey for all your protein intake. You'll kill ur kidneys. Make sure you takin in whole foods. Thats what packs on the pounds good.
    -You mentioned you had a gut like the average college kid... aka... stop drinkin if you want to get serious about this.
    -You can burn bodyfat and put on muscle at the same time, you have to choose one or the other. And doubt you will put on 10 lean lbs in one summer. That a lot of muscle. If you make it to gain 4-5 solid pounds, you've made good progress. That still a lot of muscle... Think of buying 5 lbs of serloin steak and putting on top of you.. big difference in size. Anyway good luck and happy growing. Ask if you ahve any more q's.

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