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    Football Pyramid Routine

    I am just wondering how beneficial the old pyramid routine is...

    10 rep at 60%
    8 reps at 70%
    6 reps at 80%
    4 reps at 90%
    1 max

    I have been doin similar ever since football. Is there a better way to go about gaining size and strength? It seems i get fatigued from all the reps before actually really workin the specific muscle. Ive tried lots of variations of this whenever i seem to slow down. but lately havent seen much gains. Should this method be applied to just the core lift(bench, clean, squat, dealift)? ect just lookin for some input. Thanks late

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    It all depends on your goals. I can't imagine that being a good routine for anything honestly. If your trying to max out,thats not a good routine. If your trying to build size and strength i'd go with say reps of 4,6 or 8. Anything lower then that is basically for strength not as much as the specific muscle.

    Don't feel bad I haven't met a lot of football coaches that knew what good rountines were. I've had some of the most horrible advice on weight training from football coaches. Find what works for you best and apply it. I'd definitly play around with my regimen,that one leaves margin of error for both size and strength.

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