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    need some advice

    im wondering if my work out plan is giving me to much rest. also i am on a cycle.

    monday-chest tri's and shoulders


    friday-back and bi's

    abs everyday and sat. i do some biceps and more ab work. is that to much rest? also during my workout sometimes on the 2nd and third set i usually cant complete every rep. say im doing flat bench with dumbells on number 8 its tough and 9 im givin it all i have and usually can only get it about half way up. and on the third set its the same but i still complete all 10 even though i can only go half way up. do i need to move down in weights or just keep doin all i can untill i get stronger.

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    For strength training you don't want to go to failure. You should be doing something in the range of 5x5. Lower the weight down and start building it back up.

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    i dont think your restin to much..

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    Are you varying your exercises? Hitting your muscle at a different angle might be the answer. I did pullovers this week in my chest session and they felt GOOOOOOD!!!!

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