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    My workout split

    This week my workout split is Back and Bi's on Monday.....Chest, Shoulders, Tri's(light on shoulders and tri's just cuz they are worked during incline and other chest exercises), calves on Tuesday,........... Bi's&Abs Wednesday...... Legs&Tri's Thursday........Back, Bi's(light cuz they are worked when doing back), and abs Friday.....then Chest(light)Shoulders, tri's(light), and calves Saturday, resting Sunday(except for some crunches). I'm tryin to work bi's, tri's, calves, and abs every other day but I have a main day for Bi's and Tri's while workin em light along wit the muscle groups they are worked with. That sound good or you got something that you believe would work better? I've tried workin out every other day and I don't believe I grew like I should have. But, I'm open for advice

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    Is this more for BB or strength training?

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    Seems excessive on the bi's tri's and calves, I've heard of abs being done every day but not the others (and that seems excessive too). I would go with doing calves twice a week. Try alternating weeks for bi's and tri's, i.e. week1 do bi's twice tri's once, week2 do tri's twice bi's once etc. This will ensure they are having maximum rest at least every other week. Maybe do as you have posted 1 week in every 3 or 4 as an intense week, this might work better. You've got to let the muscles rest if you want them to grow. And get some extra sleep in on an intense week, try getting an hour in the afternoon.

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    Agree with bouncer. Bi's and Tri's are a small muscle group and they get blasted when doing back and chest. A suggestion would be to increase your volume per muscle group and hit everything, (besides abs & calves) once per week. Just a suggestion.
    Whats your volume look like?
    Whats your intensity look like?

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