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Thread: bad day.....?

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    bad day.....?

    im 3 days away from finishing up pct and it was a bad one. got to benching 315 for 5 reps at end of cycle. last week i did 4 reps and today 2 reps. im hoping it was just a bad day and that i didn't lose my gains. any suggestions or advice.
    500mg/wk qv test e for 8 1/2 weeks
    10mg/ed nolva for 10 1/2 weeks

    100mg/ed clomid for 14 days
    50mg/ed clomid for 14 days
    20mg/ed nolva for 30 days

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    You might want to try throwing in HCG next time for PCT instead\in conjunction with Clomid. JMO

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