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    which split is best for me

    which split should i use, im confused on which one is best for me. right now im on a 3 days a week split. to me it doesnt feel like its enough since im on a cycle. i feel like im giving my muscles to much rest becuase im still sore the day after the workout and its been about 4 weeks now. whats the most popular split you experienced guys use, thanks.

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    Post your workout and the bros will most likely help you.

    IMO your work out is probably fine. If you can still get sore, that is a good thing. Means that your working out anaerobically. Under extreme extertion your body will not be able to get enough O2 to turn glucose into energy(atp) aerobically, so your body ferments glucose to get the energy, which makes lactic acid and gets you sore. Bodybuilders dont train their muscles for aerobically endurance. Train too much and you run the risk of overtraining, your muscles will get built effeciently for endurance so they wont grow. I.E. compare the muscles of Olympics Sprinters and Long Distance runners.

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