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Thread: Two days a week

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    Two days a week

    Anybody here find working every bodypart twice a week beneficial?

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    yes if u r triathlon or runner or some other kind of resistance athlete...but for size and mass...not so much

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    I don't know manijak

    Originally posted by manijak
    yes if u r triathlon or runner or some other kind of resistance athlete...but for size and mass...not so much
    Now I know that I am going to probably really catch it from posting this but hear me out.

    I really think it depends on alot of things, the individual for one, training intensties for another, duration of workouts, ect. I have always trained body parts twice a week. Anything else and I can't seem to get anywhere and most consider me to be in pretty good shape. In size and in definition. If you are not getting the results you want you can always change things up. I would give something a mininmal of 2 months max before I dismessed it as not being effective though.

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    i work almost every muscle twice a week... (not quads of course)

    i think its a question of Intensity VS Volume... overtraining and time are the two biggest factors limiting this...

    If you do a very long and high intensity workout for each body part once a week, the idea is that the high intensity (many exercises, sets, etc..) and the low volume (once per week) is just as good as a moderate intensity and a moderate volume (i.e. two exercises per body part, 3-4 sets.. and doing this twice a week)..

    My prob with the High intensity low volume idea is that my muscles seem to recover after 2 or 3 days, hence i feel like the once a week thing is only effective at maintaining mass.. not causing growth... on the other hand too much training (taking into account both intensity and volume) can cause overtraining... I have been told that sleeping problems and no growth are signs of overtraining... i have both of these symptoms very often, so maybe i should try the once a week routine, its a tough call IMO.

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