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Thread: Leg Workout

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    justinram is offline New Member
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    Leg Workout

    Aight here is the deal im 6'5 so i have long legs naturally, but i also have real small legs. Im looking for any lifts or running excerisices that would blow my legs up.

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    squats, lunges, leg extensions......

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    squats period!

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    LM1332 Guest
    dont do full squats do partial once/allows heavier weight and that equals bigger muscles

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    Quake is offline Member
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    Nope full deep squats will give the muscle growing stress you require to blow your legs up. Everyone hates squats so don't be put off if your finding them hard. Be sensible with poundage when you start off too, you don't want to learn the hard way (I did) and get injured. But depth is the key, it's unmistakable because you'll feel the stress in your quads if your doing them right. Being so tall means you have further to travel than others so aim for getting your quads parallel with the floor on the negative.

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    stick with your heavy basics, squats, deadlifts etc. Hack squats are another great exercise that often gets overlooked because it takes alot out of you.

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